Gästläraren Nikki O´Neil

var lyrisk efter sitt besök våren 2014 och skrev en hälsning:


”Three days of teaching at the ELLA rock college in Gotland have ended. I'm living the dream. Got to sit in on rehearsals with the great psychedelic blues rock trio Cosmic Blonde, which are getting ready to tour and to do so internationally.

I had the pleasure to hear every singer in that program have a unique sound and style, and they were getting lessons in bass, drums and guitar, playing these in a band setting. I've heard great drummers, bass players and guitar players.

I've rarely seen such a dedication and eagerness to learn, as they sat with me and happily went over "guitar nerd" topics for hours at a time...

And they're learning stuff that many other music programs (strangely) neglect - such as having a tour as a final project and learning how to budget for it and how to contact booking people.


They have a beautiful studio, great rehearsal rooms, and they study songwriting and music production with the great artist/producer Katharina Nuttall.

I had the pleasure of coaching them in rock arranging, sharing such tips in their band rehearsals, rock guitar, innovative rock guitarists through time, and the US music scene and opportunities for Swedish bands in the US. Had an unbelievably fun time. And the fact that everybody was so positive and generous to one another was not lost on me either!

Hey - the ELLA program also has an exchange program with international students... They've already had two students from Texas attend!”

Nikki O´Neill
Guitarist/songwriter/artist/author, Los Angeles
May 2014



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